How to get verified in Talkie app?

Talkie app has recently introduced a verification process for its users, allowing them to obtain a coveted yellow label. If you've been wondering how to get verified in the Talkie app, we have some information that might be helpful.

To begin the verification process, applicants need to submit complete and clear proof to the official Toki team via email feedback at This proof will be reviewed by the Toki team, who will then decide whether the applicant is eligible for verification.

Upon successful verification, a yellow authentication badge will appear on the user's account's main page, right next to their username. This yellow badge serves as proof of Toki's authentication of the user's original information in one or more fields. These fields can include, but are not limited to, notable individuals themselves, well-known IP publishers, and more.

It is important to note that while this verification process may apply to certain individuals, it might not be the same for everyone. Each case is unique, and the Toki team will evaluate applications on an individual basis.

If you're looking to get verified in the Talkie app, follow the steps mentioned earlier and provide the necessary proof. While we cannot guarantee specific results, following the official process will increase your chances of obtaining the yellow verification badge.

We hope this information is helpful to those seeking verification in the Talkie app. Remember to provide complete and clear proof to the Toki team via email feedback at to kickstart the verification process. Good luck!

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