can you get verified in viral social media apps so if you tap on settings on top left um and then basically if you go to your profile i don't see the option to to get verified in this app unfortunately i don't like there are a lot of accounts we have which have this verified badge of course they have like hundreds of thousands of followers um so probably the way to do it is just go through the help center so here you can just tap help and support contact support choose a topic uh verify my account in order to however process your request please write a special url of your website and your username on our social networks so we can confirm your identity please note that website must list your name on the about or contact pages if you don't have verified account another social network or website you we might ask you to supply additional id in the event that your id is requested ids and all personal information will only be used to verify your identity and will be deleted once we have processed your request now copies will be stored please provide a brief description why would you verify it and then you need to enter optionally instagram twitter and your website so usually if you are an influencer or creator on twitter instagram ticktalk youtube you know and you have amassed some kind of followers and you don't want to be confused with other people and you don't want to have like some other copybot accounts that's the way to do it then you just need to get verified

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