here is burial so uh did you know that if you post the public be real you can you can hide it from uh discover feed but this feature itself is a bit hidden so you can only do that to your latest burial so far as i figure it out so just go to your burial feed then there is my friend's feed then tap on the date so not where you see add caption just below that if you tap on add caption that's the wrong link but just tap on like yesterday 43 minutes late and then here you have options and then here how you can remove it from discovery uh so what it means so basically there are two like privacy settings when you're posting your burial either it for friends or it's a discoveries tab so uh like by tap tapping remove from discovery your bureau won't be deleted but it will become visible only for your friends not for all people on on the on the app so that's basically it's about changing privacy of your bureau hope this is helpful

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