How to identify a coin with CoinSnap app?

hello so how to identify a coin with coin Snap app uh so yeah here is the app and then you can just tap on the camera icon even in the free version you don't need to upgrade and then you can just hover over uh over the coin and it goes really fast and then you just need to move it to reverse and then the app will just automatically scan it is super fast actually the technology is really good and then yeah there you have it it was just scanned and then here you can see the year you can see the price you can for example you can see the price is too low too high you can just comment on that you can set the year you can see reference images you can see specifications you can see if your denomination subject weight diameter thickness composition Edge designer lettering all of that so you can just check it out and yeah so kind of like a cool app and that's how you do it then you can just add it to collection um so that's basically that yeah if you want to upgrade and identify coins Without Limits that's what you can do here

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