How to import token reflections to Safemoon app?

so to import tokens in safemon app just tap in reflections in top so here it is this tracker is a window to the blockchain and does not perform any transaction it is merely a tool to help you visualize how your wallet balance has increased from reflections this tracker is meant to provide you with an estimation of your balance increases over time from smart contracts that reflect back a portion of their fees uh to your wallet address as part of that economic structures reflection tractors tracker retrieves data from third-party products depending on network condition as instead of third-party apis the results you experience my uri so then you can just add here and then you can just add contract address logon name symbol decimal and then just add these tokens and then you can just uh track them i don't know if you can perform any transactions so if you want to buy some ethereum talk and a contract can you do it here not sure so that's that

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