How to import Zenly friends to BFF app?

here is BFF app did you know that they offer really cool feature where you can import your Stanley friends here because then the app is shutting down and BFF app is one of the top Alternatives right now so this is the app it's available on IOS and Android the BFF find my friends in phone it's only like 350 ratings right now in the App Store but it's much more popular also on Android so yeah you can just open it up and then there are settings and then yeah you can tap here to import your friends uh so here are some instructions how you can do it it's yeah it's quite technical to be honest but yeah you can just read it here and proceed with uh with the process um so first yeah you will just need to request your data from zamly app uh and then and then basically as soon as you have it you can just upload your Google Drive and send it through the BFF app support uh um and then yeah and then of course they will confirm your request uh but yeah yeah in a nutshell just request only app data download your device if they send it to you still while the app is remote so I will just hurry up with it because um uh yeah uh the web is being shut down so I'm not sure about all these requests so if you want to do it just do it right away request your data there then you download your data upload to Google Drive and share the link on Google Drive with with BFF app and then they will do it for you so pretty cool

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