hey everyone so did you know about this feature from unsplash which you can use in your web development that you can just get this url and you can use random here so every time you will get a random photo so that's pretty cool uh so yeah you can just go to and this is the url uh random and then you can just change the dimensions here so for example i can do this but you need to include dimensions otherwise it won't work is so there you have it and then you can just use this photos in your web development and all of that so that's basically the idea also you can get specific photos from specific user so again here you can just enter like again like this and then you will get random photos from specific user on unsplash yeah so something like that um so yeah here i can just do this and for example if i want them to use this as a background image i can just do this and there you have it now every time i reload the page i will have like a random photo in my web page                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

How To Change PWM Frequency Of Ardu...
How To Change PWM Frequency Of Arduino UNO
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