How to install Airbuds Widget app on iPhone?

here's interesting apps called airbots widget so let's just install it and see how it's working let's just use it translucenting activity so you can install this home screen widget and it's a video for best friends to share their listening activity you and your friends can see what each other are listening to right now on your home screens you can react to songs play music on the app and start the conversation it makes you feel closer to your friends through the music they are listening to at any moment so just sign up with Spotify add the video to your home screen see what your friends are listening to you rap to songs play music on the app and start our conversations since it's only available with Spotify no apple music just in case but let's just open it and then you can just tap to connect Spotify here to add the widget what you do is just tap and hold and then you can tap Plus in the in the top right and then just search for air okay it doesn't work sometimes this video doesn't show up at the first time so uh you can just tap and hold and then just search for again or maybe you just need to really sign up with Spotify and then it should appear so that's that's that

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