How to install App Store widget on iOS?

so how to install app store widget on iOS so just tap and hold and then you can see apps appearing here and then I can just search for App Store so what's what's the purpose of this video so you can get daily stories on what's new and next in the World of games and apps like some new news updates some new trending apps some new games releases so for example if Peak widget here's what will happen like there are different size of widgets there is small there is horizontal and there is big one and yeah this is clear and then you cap and be redirected to the to the widget and then yeah if you don't like it yeah so different different new apps different recommendations so all these stories if others recommended apps you can just see them in your video then you don't need to go to app store app open it up go to like some top charts or go to some trending you can just see it from YouTube and then you can easily remove it

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