hey everyone so if you're using zoom recently you noticed there is a new apps tab um so zoom our app marketplace was there for a while but now it's a separate tab and it's much more developed so let's just explore how to add apps i think i did a video about it before but now it's completely different so you just go to this when you discover app on marketplace you are directed to the and then you will see all the zoom apps which are here and it's like an app store um so you can see it's like like categories featured apps like you can install like super human email app on zoom exit and that [Music] so super actually actually really nice here all categories and then you can just filter this like if you just interested for apps which are working with zoom meetings you're not interested with apps or zoom chatters and webinars then they're at the moment 82 apps as i understand or okay that's like 82 pages um you have not 82 apps then you can just pre-approved administalable member installable um and then you're just filtering all of that um and there you have it um so yeah for example i want to install this author ai or i want to install slack by zoom calendly for zoom so i just tap on slack and then you will see that [Music] this app will be installed streamline your workflow and communication with the zoom integration for slack so there you have it so basically you will integrate your slack and zoom so yeah that's how it works i already have it installed i can install salesforce i can install calendly so if i want to install currently i can just approve the install of this app and then i can just visit this site to install uh there are all the different requirements these are basically like integration so it it will be depending on the each software you're using so it's not actually that easy but anyways that's the process here so that's that's how it works                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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