How to install Bing app and MOVE FASTER in NEW BING WAITLIST?

everyone so did you know what's the the best way to install the new Bing app so don't just install it yet just by going to the app in case you want to access the new Bing chat GPT experience faster so what you need to do is just basically go to this um sign up for the white list to get access to the new Bingo GPD and then then you will have a new button after you sign up for the white list which is called access the new bin faster and then you can just go there and then here you can scan the QR code to install the Microsoft Bing app and only install it like that and then yeah after you install it you will just move faster into into the white list in the new Bing app I'm sure to uh to actually sign in with your Microsoft account the same you use to sign in with the at least so yeah the step in the top left and then here you can just tap to sign in and get the get on the white list faster

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