How to install Checkmate app Safari extension on iPhone?

so in this video I will show you how to enable Checkmate extension in Safari browser yeah this is a quite nice extension it's just going viral these days so just open your Safari browser not Google Chrome not Mozilla on iPhone and then tap AA in the bottom left and then here you just have manage extensions and then you can just enable Checkmate extension some select that then probably we'll need to reload the page and always allow on every website so here's something like that um so here there can be some issues and then yeah you can just allow this like that because yeah there can be some issues of course you also need to download check my app from from IRS App Store and then it just takes some time I don't know why it should keep slotting probably because it's this app right now is in the top charts um so that's why so you just search for this app install it on and then it should work I don't know what the issue here is that uh yeah something like that and then you just can go to any website and see all the deals on all the offers uh which this app has yeah something like it I don't know the whole list of the stores where this app is available uh but something around it uh thank you for watching

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