How to install CrossClip app on iPhone?

okay so here is cross clip app it's recently gained some uh visibility and attraction from techcrunch and the idea of this app is actually super smart so you can post content between platforms like for example if you created a video on twitch you can reshare it to tiktok instagram youtube yeah and just share it for example on instagram reels so it is the best way to create to share your twitch clips gaming clips and turn them into some vertical video content which is adjustable for mobile device uh so share the videos directly from the app and then just you can go wire on tick tock or instagram reels or youtube shorts and all of that so you can just go to cross clip io to get started either enter the url of the twitch clip upload the video file you will be able to edit or then you can optimize it you can download and then you can just share so yeah if you're live streaming it's super important to cross pause and just to re-purpose your content as much as possible and then yeah you can just tap to download but i think it requires ios 14.1 or later on your device so it means that you need to have a newer iphone device um so how it works it just works by allowing streamers to enter the url of a clip selecting the output format and choosing preloaded layout you can cross crop the clip blue the background select different layouts the lap is free with the subscription either like 4.99 per month or 49.99 per year to remove the watermark and add more features including high quality experts but that's the app if you have used that just yeah leave leave your comments reviews below what do you think especially for twitch streamers is it helpful is this app worth it and stuff like that thanks for watching guys

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