How to install KIKA KEYBOARD on iPhone?

here's the app which is called kika kiko keyboard for iphone ipad one of the most uh popular keyboards to use in tik tok in snapchat instagram and really stand out and use all the types of emojis uh use some interesting phones send some funny stickers cow emojis so it works with instagram snapchat tik tok roblox whatsapp i message any app you are using app is super easy to use and also compatible with our social media profiles choose your favorite fonts from our fonts collection our add emojis this amazing features will be an incredible addition you can earn gems by viewing ads daily or participating in our mini games um so yeah to use kika keyboard just open settings general keyboard and add the keyboard so here it is you can allow notifications of course you can subscribe 19.99 monthly and here you have daily jams good uh so here are some of the interesting seams okay i can get even more jumps so that's the idea then i can go here uh so install kika keyboard just go to settings and then you just need to search for keyboard and then add new keyboard and then you just select kika keyboard there you have it that's you added that one and then i don't know if i want to to go and type something i can just tap and hold and then here is your keyboard so there are phase modes translations um more color fonts some features some uh yeah so many additional cool features some themes you need to edit them so you need to add this custom theme but then again you need to upgrade so basically you can really enjoy all of these phones and have all of these themes and yeah if you you know like if you're on social media on snapchat you're just typing a lot like you really want um to make sure that yeah you you enjoy your keyboard and for a lot of teenagers like the the normal keyboard is just too boring so you just want to have your personal character you know some nice colors and stuff so that's how you can customize and make my theme keyboards and yeah you can upgrade all of that 8 000 plus seems 4000 plus phones so that's what you can do cool phones emojis that's what you can use you can download them then there is your account um you can set it up so yeah you can see some pre-installed themes that's what i'm using right now but yeah that's a quick overview if you didn't know about this keyboard app just try it out there are so many keyboard apps these days but this one seems to be pretty good so definitely give it a try

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