How to install LAPSE app on iPhone?

hey everyone so let's take a look at labs app uh so this app is in top charts right now in your ass app store has an instagram and snapchat and tick tock um so to install it on iphone just tap get and it's 162 megabytes uh so then just use face id or touch id to install and the idea of this app is that it turns your phone into this border probably you remember there was an app called dsp from david dobrik um and i think this is a similar idea that you just turn your phone into disposable camera and it adds specific cool filter to your photos and moreover uh you can just start this role group so it's uh it's like a social media then create these photos and these photos revealed tomorrow or the next day so you don't have photos until tomorrow and then you just share the best photos so yeah that's the idea and that's how you install the app so let's now just try to open it up so here is the app and then you can just turn the sound oops and then you can just log in or sign up is your mobile phone so yeah you can do it from different countries not only from us so that's that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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