How to install Lock Widgets with Color Widget app?

to install lock widgets with color Widgets app here's what you need to do I first I was thinking that this app is only for home screen widgets but now you can also install lock widgets here so navigate to your lock screen patch and hold for a customize button to appear click the customize button add the widgets then search for color widgets and then you are able to select the size of the widget and add it so here you can see my widgets and you can just tap to add one widget another and then you can just edit it you can give it a name uh or name widget you can delete widget you can add some widgets like this and then you can just tap set widget and this widget is being added so as I understand this widget can be used both for uh for home uh screen widgets like this so here you can just type and hold empty area and then just add color widget or you can add them to your lock screen and also you can add app icons

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