How to install MD Vinyl music widget on iPhone home screen?

so how to install empty vinyl music widget app uh so it's pretty easy so you first you need to download the app itself uh and then you need to connect your spotify apple music there so if you just open the app so you need to make sure that in settings that your either spotify apple music are connected and to add a widget just basically tap and hold on any screen where you want to add the widget so if you want to add insert screen just tap and hold there and just go to the screen where you want that a lot of people want that on home screen i just shown you here on search screen then tap a plus icon in top left or on older iphones it will be in top right then you just need to search for md vinyl and there you have it here you have a selection from four widgets some people can't see mdv node displayed here for some reason so just try to restart the app or start your iphone and try to connect your spotify to md vinyl try to play at least once on uh i hope that should solve it and now you have four sizes of widgets you have small you have a horizontal bigger one you have huge one on half of your screen and then you have controls so here for example i can just select this and add this widget because it's pretty compact and minimalistic and then basically if i will play some song on spotify it will be reflected here and the vinyl will start moving and yeah it looks kind of fun so then just tap and hold you can edit widget and then if you want in this video type you can select to show controls and show the love button to bookmark uh yeah if you add another widget for example let's try to add like very small small one i don't think there is possibility to add control so if i just tap and hold i can just show music info but [Music] sometimes i can just hide it like this so it's more minimalistic one then okay let's just add another one uh so mdvino and then let's just add like adjust control so if i want to have some controls here so that's about it and then just added widget and then these are controls which i can use like to skip to the next one to play and pause to bookmark or go to previous one because in this and in this widget you only have go to next on play and bookmark here you can also go to previous but there you have it um so that's that so to remove the widget tap on the any widget tab remove also tap remove and finally let's just add the biggest one so here is empty and then the bigger one is just on the half of the screen literally so if you like stuff like that you can also just add it here so something around it hope you enjoy this app it's it's fun

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