How to install METAMASK APP on IPHONE?

hey everyone so here is app store and let's try to install metamask app um this is a blockchain wallet app basically um you can use it for example let's say you're using openc you're trying to sell or buy nifties nfcs and you will need some kind of ethereum wallet so metamask is one of the most popular ones so just tap cut and then you should touch it to install and let's just go through here usually metamask you can use it as an extension in chrome browser just go to my mask go to your chrome extension and add it and then you can just instantly log into like open c or variable or some other like uh marketplaces and also of course use it for all other like purposes which we with web30 and all like blockchain based apps um so you can manage your digital assets and yeah you can create a new wallet or sync with metamask extension or create a new wallet and yeah it's when you so when you created your wallet on chrome um is just uh important that you saved your recovery phrase and then yeah you can also open the extension of the desktop go to settings advanced click on sync use mobile and scan the qr code or create a new wallet so if you want to create a new wallet just add a new password confirm password uh then you will need to have your secret recovery phrase and that's about that um so that how you create a metamask wallet here on the mobile English (auto-generated) AllCryptocurrencyRelatedRecently uploadedWatched                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

How To Add MIM To Your Metamask Wal...
How To Add MIM To Your Metamask Wallet
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