How to install MyNBA 2k23 on iPhone?

so here is this trending app which is called my nba2k23 um this app is released every year and it just changes the name so it previously it was my nba 2k21 2k22 and all and something like that and yeah this is the app where you can just log in create your account and this is the companion app um connect your console account redeem locker codes watch the latest video keep up with the latest news and events check check out your vc balance and then uh yeah you can personalize my player in nba 2k23 on ps5 for xbox series xbox one steam and nintendo switch using your mobile device um so yeah that's basically how it looks like so you can scan your face and then yeah that's basically how it looks and then i just download it so that's what you do to install it on an iphone this is how it looks like and there you have it here you can select um yeah all of that and then you can just tap to start and then accept terms and then log in here here you need to have either a steam account or xbox live or yeah and i saw pierson so something like that hope that is helpful

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