How to install ParentSquare app on iPhone?

okay so to install pawn square app on ios just type cat and then here you will be able to install that then just use your touch id or face id and yeah the size is 58 megabytes so yeah it's one of the top apps for school communication so you can just tap open it and then you can just sign in with google for example so let's try to do that but yeah account not found you will need to have your account created i guess on the web um and then only then you will be able to sign in in parent square app so this is the app is how it looks like you just log into the school and it's basically like a dashboard like a schedule like a chat of the school so that's that um that's the app um hope it was helpful um yeah and then this app is for parents of course parents can easily connect with teachers and stuff as our children school from their ios device so that's how it works                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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