How to install Tesla mobile app on iPhone?

okay so here is tesla app so to install tesla app on your iphone just in app store search for this app tab get and as you can see yes this app is around 300 megabytes so pretty heavy app but i think it's worth it if you are a special tesla car owner and these are just some screenshots from it and it's not only like about your car it's also about your energy and how [Music] how your home is organized and all of that how you can charge your cars in the home and all about batteries and all of that so how you can engage with powerwall and all this feature you can see some reviews three point out of five it's not the best but there are still not that many ratings but um yeah of course i think it's a cool app recently there was like an update to this app which polished it and added more features so this is how it looks like um and here you can sign in basically it's not possible to create an account from mobile app i think you need to create it on on the website or something so that's that that's just yeah so yeah if you go to the website um you can go to account and then you can create an account here so yeah that's about that English (auto-generated) AlliPhonesCarsRecently uploadedWatched