hello so to install true social app on iphone um you can just go to app store and now it should be available in the app store um and then you should just tap on download of the cloud icon or yeah that should be so the app size is just 10 megabytes and this is the app basically and then until it says open and that's basically it so now you download this app um [Music] so that's basically it there are not many reviews yet because it was just released it was possible to pre order it but now it's already here um so there you have it it's not available on android i don't think and it's not on samsung galaxy or anything so it's only on iphone it's not on apple watch and ipad so yep and then you can just open and try to create an account however notice that in first hours or days it can be a bit buggy because there probably will be like a lot of users trying to create an account and usually this kind of apps can fail pretty pretty often so that's that

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