How to install VyStar Mobile app on iPhone?

so how to install vstar mobile app so let's just try to do that so let's just tap cat and let's try to install it on iphone there were multiple reports of that this app is crushing buggy and it's down because this is just like a new app from from the fp star credit looks convenient you can also send like there are all this functionality here uh so you can easily access accounts search transactions find account details deposit checks and send money directly to people in your contact list we offers the convenience of money management on the go without interrupting live state today tasks the new star mobile app makes banking even more convenient with seamless integration so let's just open it up you can allow notifications and then here basically you need to to create an account uh to so this is just like a test so this is what you need to do in order to create an account here okay so um can sign in then you just need to enter your social security number and then uh you need to verify identities this way but this is for you just a demo i'm not entering the real numbers uh yeah so that's basically how you can log in and install it but if you just go here to the to the app reviews uh uh i'm constantly being hit with some sort of error type message uh when i'm trying to login into my own vstar account either error message i have tried to reach out to customer support but it's not available so you can see there are like so many bunch of errors here uh people terrible trash so this app is not continually not working doesn't work at all you can't log in and people can't contact customer support as well so that's uh as you can see there is 1.2 out of 5 average rating so that's that's it for now

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