How to install widgets in Brass app?

here is brass app and let's explore how to install widgets with this app not only widgets you can install you can install also like home screen you can install wallpapers and then you can also install widgets so that's that so you can also create a new widget or you can select specific widget you want to use you can see all the transparent backgrounds and uh yeah that's another topic actually it's pretty cool to install transparent widgets and then you just tap add widget so by doing that you save this widget in the list of pages you can select so then just tap and hold and app start to jiggle tap plus insert top left or top right then you need to search for brass and then uh there you have it so then one press on this widget to edit it and then uh so yeah I love widgets from breast use your location depends which widgets you are using sometimes by doing that you can just drain your battery anyway so just tap on edit widget and then you just need to choose and here I choose the widget I just saved so here okay so that's that this widget requires transparent background so then I just tap edit widget and then I can select this one and there you have it so that's how you install the brass widget and this is a small one you can also install the horizontal ones or you can install big ones which are taken the half of the screen so yeah something like that it's pretty cool app actually pretty easy to use hope this is helpful

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