How to invite friends and earn Yepp coins in Yepp app?

here's yepme maker app and how to invite friends here so you just tap on your profile in top left and then tap invite friends and then you copy invitation code and then for example this is my invitation code is how it looks like so feel free to use this and maybe you will earn some rewards and I will earn some rewards for it and then if you have uh yeah some rewards uh you can actually withdraw your Yap coins to your trc20 wallet with binance for example you need to have at least a thousand Yap coins so thousand yep coins will be 10 US Dollars 100 yep coins is one US dollar so it's pretty good I don't know how much you're getting for every in white or um exactly how does it work the more people you invite the more you can earn yeah so feel free to use my link again so here is the link and join this app

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