How to invite friends to Luno app?

to invite friends in luno app just go to rewards and then type invite a friend um [Music] so yeah you can get 15 year in bitcoin for both you and your friend so just share your invite code and then your code is copied and then yeah so basically you can just enter your friend sorry enter a code in the box or you can use this link luna dot com in white slash nt 5477 and then yeah you can earn you can earn some money here so yeah that's basically how it works so sharon white called his friends your friend signs up deposit and buys 250 year on crypto from lunar instance biocell and you each get rewards 15 years so yeah it's not enough just to sign up so you need to sign up verify your account because otherwise you can't use the app then uh spend at least 250 euro and then only after that you will get free 15 euro bitcoin still if you are bullish on bitcoin and you are in long term uh it can be a nice opportunity so anyways use my link and then you can just enter a promo code here hope this can be helpful thank you for watching

Add & Invite Friends on Roblox ...
Add & Invite Friends on Roblox Mobile Guide
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