How to invite friends to Saturn app?

okay so how to invite friends to saturn app so just tap invite in the top right and then yeah you can copy link you can share on snapchat you can share elsewhere in your messenger apps or like you can always just do it on snapchat on snapchat you can also like share the schedule um and then just share something like this and then when people just create the story and and then when people click on that link they they will be able to yeah to add you as a friend when you create an account you can also connect your contact book also yeah when you create your account in specific school you will see some list lists of students in that class and then you can add them and but to access messages and posts you need to verify so to verify you need to have your school email either with google or microsoft outlook and i think that's the only option you need to have your school email if you don't have your schooling mile it's not possible                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Add & Invite Friends on Roblox ...
Add & Invite Friends on Roblox Mobile Guide
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