How to invite friends to TikTok Now?

so how to invite France to Tick-Tock now so Tick Tock now in my case is a separate app I think I think in US my Beats and uh just a feature inside my Tick Tock app but yeah basically if you just open Tick Tock now and tap on the middle tap in the bottom then you just see your new followers uh from Tick Tock and I synced with your Tick Tock now and then you can just follow back if you follow back some person basically then it's a it's a friend on Tick Tock now and then you can post a this Tick Tock now and that's basically you invited them to tick tock now um and then they their posts if they're using this Tick Tock now they will appear in the friends tab and if you select your privacy when you create a new tick tock now they will be able to see your posts as a friend uh followers that you follow back accounts you follow and other suggestions account my appear in the suggestions Tab and different step so yeah that's it

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