How to invite friends to your room in Hublix app?

[Music] so here is hublix app previously it was called my tonnovars uh but now this is hublix it's kind of like a gta ycd kind of metaverse app game um so you're just jumping here alone but if you want to invite your friends or invite your followers you can just tap invite in top left and then you can just type in white or you can invite these people so they can join you you can see who is online and who is not [Music] because there is like gray icon or [Music] yes so you can i don't know try that and then just people these people will receive and and invitations i don't know if it's possible to filter out who is online or who is not but anyhow that's the idea and yeah so now you can just invite them you can add your friends as well i guess so [Music] there you have it that's your hub and then [Music] yep so i do know actually how to add your friends or maybe they just need to create an account and then you will be able to invite them anyways hope it was helpful [Music]

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