How to invite friends to Yuka & become a Premium member?

hello here is this uk app very popular now right now so you can scan your products and then you can see if they're healthy or not and see better recommendations but you can become a premium member just by inviting your friends so you can just tap on your account in top right and then you can type invite friend and then receive 30 days of access to the premium version for each subscriber just invite a friend you will see this button which redirects you and you can also use my my link so this is my link app youtu and this is my referral code which you can use and yeah i will get like 30 days of premium access thank you but then of course if you use this app then you can just also invite your friends uh and this is a cool app and if you become a free premium member um you can buy what you want starting from just 8.99 per year because this is an open source project uh what what it gives you like the main feature is search so that you can search the products because usually you just scan the product via barcode but what if you're shopping online if there is no barcode you can just search specific products so that's i think the main advantage but if you're a foreign friends they don't need to become premium members i think i just need to register as i understand but hope that is helpful

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