How to invite members in Geneva group chat app?

so to add or invite members to home or workspace in geneva group chat app so just go to the specific home tab and then just tap in right and then from here now you can just share a link to your home or invite people directly through the app so you can just then share a link and then you will see your open uh sharing settings and from here you will see the subject you can see and then you can see the invitation link which can look something like this uh and this link you can just share via imessage or you can share it uh like yeah messenger uh signal whatsapp how you're using it so you can reset this link you can change this link settings you can just add from contacts ads through dm and then just dm someone on this app so this app is kind of like a cleaner version of slack or discord to make you understand it yeah it's interesting app definitely give it a try

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