How to invite people in Discz app?

so to invite new people to um your uh profile in disk z app uh you just need to tap plus in top right and then you can just invite people from your contact book so these are the people who uh yeah you like uh added from your iphone contact list and there you have it and then you can share your music with your friends or just like you know get some inspiration what your friends are listening to of course if you're open to it like you shouldn't be sharing all your music with everyone but you know some of your new friends have good music taste and you just want to know what they're up to maybe they can discard some new tracks so this can be a new app to to help you with that and find some amazing music recommendations especially if you're not satisfied with spotify music recommendations or even antique talk like you know usually tiktok can be a nice place to source some cool music ideas but if it doesn't work for you can try out this app

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