How to join Domino’s Piece of Pie rewards in Domino’s app?

Domino's Pizza has always been known for its delicious offerings, but did you know that you can also earn rewards just by being a loyal customer? With their Piece of Pie rewards program, you can get a free medium two-topping pizza once you earn 60 points. Here's how you can join the program through their app.

First, download the Domino's app and open it on your device. Upon opening it, you'll see a bar that says "Join Now." This is where you begin the process of joining the Piece of Pie rewards program.

For every order you make through the app, you earn 10 points. And for orders that are $10 or more, you can earn an additional 10 points. This reward system means that after just six orders, you'll have earned enough points for a free medium two-topping pizza.

To join the program, just tap on the "Join Now" bar. You'll be prompted to create an account, and during the sign-up process, you'll see an icon that indicates that you're joining the Piece of Pie rewards program. It's really that simple!

While signing up, you'll also have the option to enable notifications, which will inform you of special deals and rewards that may be available for Piece of Pie members. This is a great way to stay in the know about upcoming promotions.

Joining the Piece of Pie rewards program is just one reason why you should be using the Domino's app. On top of the rewards, you'll also have access to their full menu, the ability to customize your orders, and the convenience of ordering directly through your device.

In summary, the Domino's Piece of Pie rewards program is a fantastic deal for loyal customers. It's easy to join through the app by clicking on the "Join Now" bar, and you'll begin earning points towards a free pizza with every order. So what are you waiting for? Download the Domino's app and start earning rewards today!

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