How to join Locket Widget COMMUNITY?

hello so here is look at app and did you know that they have a feature which is uh basically uh is a community so slash community because how i found it i was just browsing some developer responses on the app store and i just found that some [Music] you know some some person was asking a question and the developer recommended to visit this page camera slash community um and this is the there are like 200 spots open to join the friends of rocket community uh in this community they reveal new features share tick tocks and march and more so tell us about yourself here and we'll be in touch so that's a quite interesting idea for sure um so yeah to submit it you can just answer these questions and then yeah just submit this type form and maybe you will get in and yeah you can vote on new features probably you can ask directly in the developers team what they are planning to build and get some merch get some exposure or something like that so in case you didn't know about it just here so you can know

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