How to join Marriott Bonvoy?

hello everyone so let's explore how to join marriott bonway so just tap join mario bony uh and that's i will just try to register so mario bonneville is kind of like a app and loyalty program for marriott chain of hotels it makes it much easier to book and then you can earn like up to 1500 points to get all these rewards and just to travel much easier and the more you stay in marriott hotels i like the battery experience becomes uh then you can so there we have it and my account is created uh so now i just created my member card and then in book today enjoy all the benefits you've been married bon boy member start earning and redeem your points for free so that's cool that's my account here now i just created my card um you can explore hotels and yeah if i just stay tuned night i will become a silver elite [Music] mobile chicken mobile key and there are a number of benefits here just for signing up and using this app so yeah that's cool so then you can just book like for example hotels nearby you can just select some hotel you can check availability book for tonight and hotels you can then just view all the details here and you can see the rate and how that yeah so that's the idea um that's how it works basically um and you can also see all these different a kind of luxury premium all these collections so that's the idea uh hope it was helpful that's how you just create and join the uh this marriott bonvoy program um yeah and then just start staying in these hotels and you can enjoy all the benefits                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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