How to join NEW BING WAITLIST on BING iOS app?

hey there so when I opening a new Bing app I just downloaded I just see it introducing the new being uh your AI part copilot for the web and to see this button you need first to go in the top left and sign in with your account if you just don't sign in you will don't see this pop up this message and then yeah you can just tap join the white list and that's how you join the white list for mobile app you can also just do it from desktop it's faster from desktop because yeah I think this new being is uh you can see examples on the desktop also you can just see it on the app uh but yeah and I already signed in for the white list so you can just sign in with your Microsoft account and then basically what will happen you will just receive like a notification uh on on the something like that you're on the white list for the new being we're excited for you to preview the future of search you'll get an email once we are ready for you to try it we are early in our journey and look forward to hearing your feedback so that's hand just sign sign up for this new Bing uh here on the mobile app for some reason is quite buggy so if you just want to see some examples and some features I would just recommend you to use a desktop app so yeah that's basically the idea and hope this is helpful

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