How to know if God Mode is available in your account in GAS app?

how do you know if you have god mode a feature available so God mode is a paid subscription in the gas app which helps you to see who liked you who sunflames to you and yeah some additional features which you can read here but as gas app is going viral and it's slowly rolling out through states of United States and is slow slower than now some of these features unfortunately god mode is not available yet for everyone um so you can you can see there is a button see who likes you and your inbox so go to your inbox tab in gas app or inside of a poll you received um so if you see this button like lock icon and then just in patterns see who likes it meaning you can just tap there and upgrade to God mode I don't know the pricing or how is that but if you don't see this button neither in your inbox or in the polls you received it means unfortunately at this moment you don't have access yet I don't know the timeline I don't know when this will release they will release the full out of beta version but that's it

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