How to know if your BeReal is private or public?

how to know if your burial is public or private well that's an interesting question in case you post it and then you're just like oh I forgot like if if I select audience to be Global or my friends only so yeah you can uh you can know it how I would do it so basically go to my friends tab and then uh yeah just step where it says eight hour late on this gray text and then just tap on the options and then here if it says in top remove from Discovery it means that your your burial is public using Global Discovery feed if you just if you don't see that and you just see delete my Bureau it means that your Bureau was only shared to my friends and it's kind of private so that's uh that's it uh because you can't if your burial was shared only to friends you can't move it back to to Discovery another way to do it is basically when you are receiving reactions and when you're receiving some reactions and real emojis if your burial is public you will see two tabs here you will see my friends and then Discovery tab so if if your Bureau is only for France you you just see one tap my friends so that's in case you you receive some real modular actions you can also check that yeah that's my suggestion

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