How to LEAVE CIRCLE in LIFE360? (Video)


Life360 app helps you to see where are your friends and family are located. It is a location-sharing social app.

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  1. Tap on a specific circle in the top part of the app.
  2. Tap on Circle Management.
  3. Tap on Leave Circle. You will no longer see or share locations with this Circle. Tap Yes.

From the same menu in Life360 app you can also Add Circle Members, Delete Circle Members, Change Admin Status.

What is Life360 app?

Life360 app

This application was created by a famous businessman back in 2016. Chris Hulls is an American entrepreneur who designed the life360 application in a way that family and friends would share their locations. Life360 application allows its users to track the movement of their vehicles.

For instance, if a family employs a personal driver to drive the family members to and from, on their day-to-day activities; the owner of the vehicle can use the life360 app to track his/her movements. Life360 application can tell the state of a certain device's battery. This ensures that the device owner is neither connected nor his asset is misused. If the battery of the device is running low, one can refill it in advance before it runs out completely.

Secondly, the life360 application cannot track its users' location when they turn off their phones. This would be insecure to its users especially if one is attacked, killed and his/her phone switched off. Children whose parents have added them to the family circle via the life360 application might become more secretive and hide essential information from their parents which could lead to depression or anxiety.

Thirdly, the application allows its users to track messages that are sent to any family member or friend within the circle. This makes life easier hence in case of attacks, your friends and family can track your last location where the attack occurred. The disadvantages of using the life360 application are that one cannot share confidential information. This means that the application lacks privacy since messages shared within the circle; have to be reflected via GPS to other members or friends.

Again, the life360 application does not provide total security to its users hence one can leave his phone in another person's house or in a different geographical area to avoid being tracked down. Those employers who use the life360 application to locate their workers can therefore lose their assets in ease.

Life360 app on Android:

On Android the App has 4.4 rating and every android device user can download the life360 app from the Google play store.

Life360 app on iPhone:

This app is available on iPhones but you cannot download it on iPads or other tablets and smart watches.

Life360 app on PC

On PC, one can use the life360 app by connecting a cable from the person's iPhone. Life360 app also is downloaded and installed on one's computer for fast use.

Parents review on life360 app

Life360 application can also distrust parents to children relationships. This would happen if one's children know that his/her parents are tracking every movement they make. This would encourage the children to engage in more risky behaviors in the community. Therefore, the life360 application should be wisely used to avoid destroying children to parent relationships.

No doubt, Life360 application unlike other apps is not used for entertainment or friends making. It should be considered the most important application to be used for families' safety. Therefore, the life360 app is suitable not only in one home but also in their offices. If one wants to stop using this app, one just logs out from the app, switches off phone location and deletes the app.

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