in this video we will go through how to link tick tock to spam app um so basically you can just get verified and then if you have a lot of uh like followers on tiktok or instagram you can also get like you know green or blue check marks and then to do to link your tick tock basically what you need to do and then just copy this code here okay it doesn't work so you need to copy this uh code and this is the uh oops something doesn't work so let's try again so you need to copy that code and edit your tiktok bio in a nutshell so just tap edit profile and then tap copy uh so i'm trying to copy that and then i opened my tick tock then there is my profile edit profile bio okay [Music] anyways let's just switch my profile no worries

Email OTP Verification Form using A...
Email OTP Verification Form using AJAX and Django Template
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