How to log in again in NGL app?

how to log in again in NGL app so for some reason there is no button to log out from NGL app so you can only delete account it's also impossible to switch accounts easily as you have in Snapchat where you know you can have like two three accounts and you can just switch between them here for some reason it's not easy so if I don't know if you want to log in again basically your login is just your Instagram handle your Instagram username um so just enter that but it's super hard to log out so I'm not sure how you can log in again so until again probably you just need to delete the app reinload it and try to log in again um or something like that alternatively you can delete your account but then can you log in again with that account not sure um so yeah that's what you have here for some reason I just made it all complicated I don't know why might be just to protect from multiple spam accounts or something like that

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