How to log in in BUD app?

so to login in bad app basically first you just need to create an account with another one of these services snapchat facebook will tick talk apple and once you created it once then you will be able to always just log in with that service so for example if i create it with snapchat the first time i will create my account and the next time i can log out and i can just log back in with snapchat but if you create an account if you created an account with google and then you want to log back in with snapchat basically you will create a new account so to log in you need to use the same service as you used before so for example i if i use apple id now i just tap on it and it says not create an account but just sign in and i'm signing in and there you have it so i signed in i don't know actually if it's possible to add snapchat or to add like facebook if you're logged in with apple id so probably not so um yeah there you have it hope it was helpful

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