here's live in app let's explore how you can log in in the app at the moment there are two options either username or phone there is no option to log in with apple id or google or you know facebook snapchat all of that just these two options [Music] so here you can just sign up or if you have uh yeah if you have already created your username you can just need username and password other than that you can always just login with [Music] the phone number and if you already did that before you can just log in again and then [Music] okay something is not working okay let's try again let's see if that is working seems it there was some issues and a lot of people are reporting actually that some people can't even log in into the app because as you see there was like a verification called arriving but so yeah i can't log in this way but it should work for you uh probably uh there are all these different countries and regions where you can try it out uh so i hope you get the idea but it's also true that sometimes this app is a bit buggy and yeah you should probably reach out to their support

How to Set/Remove Sign-in/Log-in op...
How to Set/Remove Sign-in/Log-in options with Local Account on Windows 11 and 10?
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