How to log in to TikFriends app? (Video)

How to log in to TikFriends app?

The process is not that easy.

  1. Open TikFriends app, enter your tiktok username.
  2. You will see a generated code, e.g. 5386 – you will need to paste this code in your TikTok bio.
  3. Go to your TikTok profile, tap on Edit profile, then tap on Bio, and then just enter 4 numbers.
  4. Go back to TikFriends app, tap Sign in. Now you should see the next screen.
  5. Enter additional information: name, age, gender, country, upload a profile picture. Tap sign up.
  6. Now you can swipe left or right – similar to tinder – and then request contacts on TikTok.


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