How to log out from Lapse app?

also how to log out from labs app so just tap on your profile tap on three dots more in the bottom you can just tap log out [Music] once you log out you will need access to the phone number you sign up is in order to again access your account so the process works like you only can sign in with the phone number and to i think to log back in i will try to do that in the next video if you need to be sure that you can log back in you need to have access to that number if you lose that number you can just lose access to your username and your account so let's try that and that's it so now let's just try to log in you just enter your number it's not only your ass but the number is you signed up and then you should be back in                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Logout Gmail from all devices using...
Logout Gmail from all devices using Android
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