How to login to Sweat Wallet app via Sweatcoin app?

here's what wallet app so to log in with sweatcoin just tap log in with sweatcoin and then um you're just redirected to your sweatcoin app you should have it opened you should have your account and then uh you just need to approve login and there you have it so sweatcoin app is the app which uh tracks your steps and then you can earn some rewards just by walking so it's kind of fitness motivation app so now there you have it your first 5000 steps every day will generate sweat the rest of your steps will generate sweatcoin and then just open your wallet so there you have it so i don't know what's uh what's what here basically um detailed balance you can hear uh i received 548 uh sweat coins or something like that or yeah and then you can just earn your sweat transactions

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