How to make BeReal account public?

here's be real app so how to make bureau account public so when you're appointed real you can see here uh that you're just posting some imperial and then you have the settings my friends only so if you want that your burial is seen by everyone uh you just need to change it to discovery and then your bureau will be shared with everyone so that's basically the idea um yeah so there is no like setting the imperial settings that your account is like private or public don't look for that don't search for that i did like our little grill app it doesn't exist the one thing why people can't see your real post is because of these settings like if you just enable my friends only and you have three friends only three friends will see it and you won't get any uh real emojis any reactions and now all of that but if you select discovery yeah then everyone will see it and your burial account automatically is becoming public

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