How to make stickers from photos on iOS 16? In Photos app, without third-party apps!

hello everyone so I just discovered this new feature on iOS 16 which is pretty cool that you can make stickers out of your photos so I'm just also trying out these features so for example you have like an image of yourself or your friend in the photo so this is a photos app it's not Google photos so just tap and hold on the on that person and then you can see I can just drag it it's pretty cool right so it automatically cut out the person from the background and now I can just drag it so now for example I just can open up Twitter for example and then oops doesn't work out uh and then I can just pass photo like this and I can just pass this sticker you can of course pass it to Messenger to Whatsapp Instagram whatever it's automatically cut out the background and that's that's your new sticker which you can now use so of course you can also pass it into iMessage into Telegram so to see for this feature to be available yeah you see you just need to have um uh iOS 16 installed um yeah I'm just also curious what else I can do is it but yeah uh that's the overview how you can easily cut out and make a sticker um of the photos okay so you just uh then you can just tap share and then you can just copy it like that so yeah just tap and hold you see this effect and then you can just copy it and share like that's pretty cool um so try out this feature

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