How to make your BeReal post VISIBLE TO EVERYONE?

here is burial app and how to make be real visible to everyone so when you're taking your burial doesn't matter is it's like a light burial or on time burial you just take a picture just like let's have some test picture and then here in the settings where it says my friends only or discovery so that's the setting you choose if you want to make be real visible for everyone so if you have my friends only it will only be seen by your friends and if you have like five friends or two friends only two people will see it and they are my friends tab that's it so just be careful if you have discovery like everyone else will see it uh during some during the day and then it just depends on be real algorithm like if if your photo will be pushed to everyone or like will it is it getting a lot of engagement and it will be pushed by burial algorithm in their mind fit top of their main feed so that's basically it um yeah so something around it so here you can send set it important thing to know if you in the beginning select my friends only and post your bureau it's not possible to change privacy back to discovery so that's it otherwise you just need to delete your burial and retake again if you select visible to everyone and select discovery then you will be able to change back to my friends hope that is helpful

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