How to many messages can you send in Chai app per day?

here is shy app and it's a popular ai messaging app where you can chat with chat bots sometimes it can be not that appropriate um so yeah but yeah people like it and it can get really addictive because ai algorithm is become pretty good so how many messages can you send here in a free version there is a 70 messages limit per three hours in this current update my business app will change in the future so 70 message for three hours meaning per day you can send maximum around like 560 messages or or something like that it of course it just depends so around 500 messages per day you have for free so that's quite a lot already uh but the trick is that you can only send 17 for three hours and it's it's a bit annoying um yeah because if you find interesting bot and you start chatting 17 messages goes really fast uh what you can do actually is you can start chatting when the limit resets close to when there is a close time to resetting your limit as you can see here it says messages reset in one hour 40 minutes so it doesn't make sense to chat right now be because you will need you can only use 70 messages and then need to wait one hour 40 minutes but if it's like five minutes left you have 70 messages you can use them and then after five minutes you will get another 70 messages so maybe try that of course you can always upgrade 13.99 per month or there is a free trial if you can uh uh yep uh you can then try uh uh to upgrade so that's that this app very often changes its pricing policy and like the limit of messages all of that just testing all the options so just make sure to update the app maybe there is something new in coming future

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